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Cambrian Trees

Mountain Fresh Christmas Trees Delivered to your Door

The potted version of 

the Traditional Christmas Tree

Has a great shape and spruce scent.

After Christmas take it outside and you
can use 
it again next year.

Re-pot them in a larger pot in the
New Year, or plant them in the garden


Price  £30


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A great alternative to a Nordmann
Low needle drop
Slimmer shape with soft scented branches with
a silver underside
Becoming very popular with smaller rooms

Price Range £30 - £50

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Low needle drop tree.
Dense and even branches
Dark green needles
Soft to touch
Great choice for any home

Price Range £30 - £50

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The Traditional Christmas Tree

Has a great shape and spruce scent

Not as good as the firs for holding its needles,
but a great choice to put up closer to Christmas day

Price Range £30 - £50

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