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Cambrian Trees

Mountain Fresh Christmas Trees Delivered to your Door


Wholesale  at Cambrian Trees

We grow a large variety of Christmas trees which are all grown on our farm high up in Cambrian Mountains.

We carefully maintain each and every one of our Christmas trees by trimming, shaping and fertilising them. Shropshire sheep graze in our plantations to keep the grass and weeds down, this means we can use less chemical which is more environmentally friendly.

We welcome potential buyers to come and view our plantations and tag their own trees

Our sizes range from 3ft 30ft.

Harvesting takes place only a few days before delivery. The trees are cut at the base and left for 24 hours before netting, the trees are then palletised in to crates ready for delivery.

We can also load trees loose on to a lorry for smaller orders




Stock available - ( Please order early - limited stock)

Contact us to Order


Fraser Fir
Fraser Fir : 4ft - 14ft


Nordman Fir
Nordmann Fir : 4ft - 14ft


Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce : 4ft - 10ft


Noble Fir
Pine : 5ft - 8ft


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